What is the Sitio software?

In order to shape digital thoughts, Ciclope has been developing a software for several years that, by the intimate relationship with our Imagination Site, we call sitio (a way to say site in Portuguese). This software is a valuable part of the art creation itself, but even with this relation, the sitio software had found its way in several other applications like video installations, websites and many other multimedia publishing situations. Because of that, we decided that the software should have its own stand-alone space at our site, and that we should make it available to everyone interested.

In fact, you don’t need to download and install sitio in order to use it. You just need to create a free account at our Imagination Site and start working ( For some tips, check out the help section at the right menu.


Several prerogatives guide the sitio development, some of the of great value. The first one says that the software needs to be distributed as easily as possible, and that’s the reason why we chose the Adobe Flash as its platform, since it is well-spread among the Internet. Another one says that reading should be done as close to editing as possible: for the ones interested, it should be possible to edit content while seeing content. Also, the software needs to be easily expanded so it can be adapted to be used in very different situations.

Beside these prerogatives, for newer version we took a step closer to the free software philosophy, so we are taking care about using free tools for development – this will take actual effect on version 6 and above.


As we said before, you may try the sitio software right from this site, without installing anything at your computer. Just visit the Imagination Site. However, if you are interested, you may check our download and version page so you can download a working version with basic installation instructions.