The Imagination Site

This site is an experimental artwork of fiction, where we publish thoughts, based on the creation of a computational environment, here called collaborative mental extension, that is proposed and maintained by a community.

In building it, we used metaphors that directly relate to the functioning of the brain. The building blocks of this environment are called images. Also, certain mutant states of articulation among them through connections and diagramming are called conscious and unconscious mental states. In the end we have a software environment which as a whole resembles a live informational organism, which we call Imagination.

An imagination is like a movie, a book, a theater play, a painting.

The definition of imagination as a communication media and art agora is an evolution of the definition of multimedia. Imagination is a multi sensorial and interactive communication form, mediated by computational systems, such as multimedia, but it advances in the search for a new metaphor that abandons the desktop metaphor, the graphic page metaphor, the geographic metaphor, the timeline metaphor and the console metaphor, used in present-day software.

Imagination is the fruit of the incorporation of languages and media into a new language and media and not their utilization and juxtaposition. A new medium that uses the mental metaphor directly.

Be welcome. Let’s play.