Lucas Santos Junqueira Biography

Graduated as an engineer, he decided to take other paths just after university. These explorations lead him to several areas like book edition (Formato and Saraiva publishers). At about 2001, 2002, he took a communication course, where he developed a proposal of an electronic cultural magazine.

New studies, new paths…

Letting old hobbies take a major part in his life, he started working with the Ciclope atelier in 2004. Using his experience as a videogame creator and his interest in human art and science, he had been developing several multimedia projects of various forms, like interactive videos, games, multimedia presentations, websites and so on. The Ciclope site shows many of these works.

Recently, getting closer to the university again, he took part of the study group 1maginari0, at the Fine Arts School of UFMG (Minas Gerais Federal University).