Downloads and version


We are currently at version 5.0. This version is produced using the Adobe Flash CS3 (actionscript 3), and also PHP and MySQL interacting on an Apache server, running on Linux. For the versions to come, the idea is to keep using actionscript 3 and PHP/MySQL, but with the Open Flex SDK from Adobe and other free software like IDEs, so we won’t need a proprietary tool for development. All source code will be made available using an open source license.


For the version 5.0 we made available the download of the software ready for execution. You’ll need an web server at your computer capable of running PHP and accessing MySQL databases. We suggest Apache. Distributions like WAMP or XAMPP are good alternatives to install a ready-to-use package.

Download the software and unpack it on a folder of your webserver. Install the initial database, “database.sql”, and adjust the configuration files “sitio.xml”, “plugin.xml” and “database.php” (at “script” folder) to meet your standards. Then, you just need to enter sitio by accessing the “index.php”.

download: Sítio version 5.0 (808KB)


The plugin structure was created to make the sitio usage simpler in different situations. The above download comes with two of these plugins, but you may create your own. In order to do that, download the source of these two plugins and study them – it’s really easy. You’ll need Adobe Flash CS3 or above.

download: Plugins version 5.0 – source (1,88MB)

(attention: the planned changes will make version 5.0 plugins incompatible with the new version 6.0)


All text in sitio are stored in an external xml file so translations are simplified. You’ll find at the software download all text in net english at the file “en_net.xml”. You may translate this file and save the changed on at the “language” folder. After that, just change the “sitio.xml” file to load the new text. If you translate sitio to your language and want to share with everyone, just send the translated file to us.