Legal Warnings

The Imagination Site is an experimental artwork of interactive fiction

The Imagination Site is an art work bred and kept by Ciclope Ltda – art and digital publishing. It is monthly modified. All the content of the site is fiction and any similarity with the reality is mere coincidence. All the content of the site is permanently modified, adulterated and manipulated by the team of Ciclope and the visitors, many times on line. No information in this site is trustworthy or accurate. The sections that are not fiction are links that open pages in other windows, or call other sites, in other electronic addresses, and with another visual aspect.

It is not allowed to use the Imagination Site to violate the law, to send spam, pornography, and so on. Don’t send us confidential information, we do not have instruments nor protection routines against hackers and others. We can’t assure the integrity of your personal data in the server, then make copies or backup of texts images that you do not want to have extinguished in a pane. Ciclope can at any time exclude any visitor of the Imagination Site without warning, registered or not. Please remember, this is a interactive fiction artwork, kept by a small team of people who make this for passion and good intention, therefore, don’t not include contents that do not have relation with our intentions.

This project is authored with Adoble Flash CS3, and it also uses Apache, PHP and MySql tecnologies under a Linux server.