Vesion 5: 10.12.2009

The Imagination Site is an art project conceived and directed by Álvaro Andrade Garcia

Current Collaborators

This project is authored with Adobe Flash CS3, and it also uses Apache, PHP and MySql under a Linux server.

Other Collaborators

Collaboration at specific times of the project are credited below or in the corresponding images and thoughts.

Daniela Karan and Silvie Moyen – Graphical design in paper for 1.0 version.
Delfim Afonso jr. – Author of the poem Planet’s Systole
Douglas Lee Arnold – English version of The Art of Imagination text, version and locution of the videos of the Backyard thought, inside the Imagination Site
Guilherme de Deus – Animation of the poem Visagens
Jorge Luís dos Anjos – Drawings of the poem Visagens
Luciana Gomide – Video capture and edition for 1.0 version.
Luciana Tonelli – Texts and releases for press  for 3.0 version.
Maria Aparecida Moura, Camila Alves Maciel – Project and production to 1.0 version.
Matheus Braga – Music composition and sound track edition for versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Interpreter of Luma’s theme.
Roberto Marques – Drawings of the site’s poster and adhesive.
Rodrigo Botelho – Art design for 1.0 version.
Valéria Braga – Interpreter of the Imagination Site theme.
Victor Volker – Software programming for 1.0 and 2.0 versions, software library for 3.0 version.

Main locations

Jambreiro Forest, Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Net-English disclaim

With the exception of the sections translated by skilled translators, credited here or in the content of the site, the texts in English had been translated from Brazilian Portuguese – our native language – in an immediate and amateur form, many times from editions on top of automatic translation software.

This ‘degenerated’ form of English who circulates in the web, with grammatical and lexical incorporations from other languages, that interact with this ‘modern Latin’, has been called net-English. We do support it. Language is a living creature! We do accept suggestions and help with wrong grammar and orthography, don’t hesitate in sending them by e-mail using the Contact button at the index page.